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Snus in the world of football

26 Jul 2023

Snus and football

Why is snus so popular in the world of football? As everyone knows, smoking is simply not done in the football world. It harms the fitness, health, stamina and recovery capacity of a football player. Although there are and were a handful of football players, including Theo Janssen and Radja Naingolan, who just smoked during their football career, smoking is of course not appreciated by the club and their supporters. This is why some professional football players use snus (nicotine pouches).

Professional football is top sport

In addition, the physical level of football has increased enormously. Smoking is also becoming increasingly banned in more places. A football player who smokes, will not be able to keep up physically and can also count on a fair amount of resistance from all sides. Footballers are more and more seen as examples of the youth and are therefore more aware of their supporters. Smoke-free nicotine makes snus so incredibly popular in the football world for these reasons. Snus can be used discreetly,  where smoking a cigarette will cause a bad smell and have more direct impact on the health. Snus doesn’t smell, you put it under your lip in the blink of an eye and it’s out in no time.

In addition, many football fans know the video of Hakim Ziyech who also took a nicotine pouch in the Johan Cruyff ArenA; the use of a nicotine pouch (snus without tobacco) was still very unknown at the time. Pouch King International actually finds it positive that footballers use snus instead of cigarettes and there shouldn’t be something special about it.

Jamie Vardy was also spotted in 2016 with a can of snus in his hand; something unknown at the timesnus football

Again: if a football player takes a nicotine pouch instead of a cigarette, we think this is a positive thing at Pouch King! 

KAA Gent & nicotine pouches

Some other good news in the world of snus & football: KAA Gent has decided to sell nicotine pouches during football matches since smoking is forbidden in the stadium! At Pouch King International, we think these developments are a good way for a smoke free generation and helps to lift up the taboo on nicotine pouches.

Top athletes

In addition, snus is not only gaining ground in the world of football. Today it is also widely used by other elite athletes in the world of martial arts, ice hockey and other ball sports.


Many artists also use it as an alternative for smoking since smoking can harm their voice. Furthermore, artists could often quietly smoke a cigarette backstage. However, smoking is banned in more and more places, which means that the use of snus will only increase.

Summarized: people who quitted smoking and use nicotine pouches in stead, is a good step in the direction to quit nicotine! However, nicotine pouches aren’t meant for a ‘kick’.

If you are a smoker and you want to quit, just order a can of snus in our webshop!